Sens-sitive topic

Listening to all the talk about the Ottawa Senators goaltending woes this season is fun, even more so because I actully believe the odds are on them actually being rather solid between the pipes. As a Leaf fan, that is a hard thing to say. But they keep telling the world what trouble their goaltending situation will be.

Still, it reminds me of one of my favourite pastimes;  having a seat with a group of sens fans and starting a conversation about great goaltending.  I strongly suggest that all Leafs fans try this most pleasurable of experiences while we still can because in 20 years they may have a candidate for this conversation.

All eyes hit the floor as do any feelings of pride, instantly eliminating all anti-Leaf feeling and replacing with sens self loathing. This always creates a temporary hole in the conversation that can be filled with any number of fun names:

What about Hasek? He had a great half season didn’t he? I mean with him who knows what would have happened in the playoffs… Yep, what coulda’ been.

Aw, to bad. Well what about Emery, didn’t he take over at one point? What ever happened to him?

Gerber, now there was a goalie who was able to out perform the plywood goalie cutout.

Or even Beaupre and Billington, truly giants of the crease.

My personal favourite is, without a doubt, the man himself, goalie number 1 in franchise history: Peter Sidorkiewicz. He and his scintillating 8 win season in 92-93, backed up with an impressive .856 save% and 4.43 GAA, make him without question the best person to bring up in this conversation. Just a suggestion.

Also worth noting, Steve Weeks, backup to Sidorkiewicz, and his 7 games played with 30 goals against.

If things get a little to tearful by the end of the conversation, remind the sens fans that there is a bright spot in their netminder photo album, their career leader in wins, and all time NHL post-season GAA leader Patrick Lalime. They sure loved him… right?

Thanks to for filling in the numbers for me.


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