Goal Orr No Goal

What would the world be like without Colin Campbell? I shudder at the thought.

Thankfully he is here to provide valuable insights into the game, but today’s outlandish statements that the Colton Orr goal should not have been allowed has left me flabbergasted.

Anyone able to pull a blue haze over their eyes can clearly see all Colton was trying to do was provide traffic in front of the net. But this changed when he noticed Clemmensen’s impending danger – He was about to be shot at.

Put yourself in that scenario: forced to stand in front of a cage with someone about to fire a bullet at you from point blank range.

Wouldn’t want to be saved?

Colton Orr thought so, he didn’t even think of his own safety, pushing the tender out of the danger area and taking the hit himself. Sure the puck went in the net as a result, but that is secondary to the well-being of the goaltender.

This was truly a play that transcends hockey and became pure self sacrifice for the well being of another. If only others would follow his example we would live in a world without violence and fear.

Where would the league be if Orr had not saved Clemmensen?

Surely headlines from around the world would scream once again about the NHL’s scandalous affairs. (With the exception of the Russian papers of course, as they try to avoid highlighting the faults of their favourite league) Everyone else would read about a Florida goalie took a shot to the midsection from close range, who knows if he would have even survived the ordeal.

So I ask you Mr. Campbell, how can this level of heroism be so blatantly disregarded? How does announcing that this goal should not have counted benefit anyone? You take attention away from the most noble of acts and cast a shadow on the strides made on that play. If that goal doesn’t count, will anyone on the ice ever try to rescue an opponent facing certain doom again?

For shame, good sir, for shame.


One Response to Goal Orr No Goal

  1. Sens Fan says:

    Very clever. Colton Orr, hero. Ha!

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