Tough Hockey Night in Canada

Not a good night to be a Canadian hockey fan.

Four teams played and the results were beyond bad: Two shutouts, one blowout and one loss to Florida. All on home ice.

Most worrisome – Leafs go consecutive games without a goal, and it is hard to say they deserve one when their main strategy is to shoot centre mass on opposing goalies and hope for Colton Orr to clear the way.

Most enjoyable – Just when Ottawa looks to be turning their lousy start around, they return to form with a stinker against the oh-so troublesome Thomas.

Most laughable – Montreal unable to contain the powerhouse Panthers amidst a long Canadian road trip.

Most unwatchable – The flameout against the Capitals is just another in a series of embarrassing performances by a very overrated Calgary squad. (I think this team needs a front office shakeup)

This was surely not the night the CBC was hoping for. At least the Leafs put on a show by dominating the play for most of the game. But as is often the case in these games a single bonehead move sealed their fate as Phaneuf went tape-to-tape for Ryan Callahan who, after being hauled down on his breakaway, netted the 2-0 goal with a penalty shot. This is a play I would expect out of Bantam level players.

It wouldn’t have been the same result if Dion had just put a little power on the pass, instead of a weak dribbler. Sure, he was pressed from behind but no one was on him when made the pass and he could have easily tossed it off the boards to get the puck a little deeper. Or carried it out of the zone, or attempt to put it in the far corner, or fired it to the far boards, where no one was. Instead his choice most likely cost the Leafs the game.

Still, not worthy of boo’s from the ACC crowd. Let’s show a little more patience shall we? Not even the best defenders make a perfect play every time – see Lemieux vs Bourque


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