Accentuate the Positives

I am by no means an optimist and this has not helped elevate my spirits after the last 7 Leaf games.

I have gone into them expecting the worse and… well…

Time to get the positive vibes flowing; what’s good about the Leafs right now?

1 – No losses in the last 24 hours!

2 – Grabovski has actually earned the top line spot with hard work and sheer determination.

3 – Ottawa loses to Vancouver. (Not about Toronto, but still makes me smile)

4 – Recent draftee’s are excelling – See Brad Ross and Greg McKegg. Both earning player of the week awards in their leagues last month.

5 – The Leafs are not New Jersey or Edmonton.

6 – Nazem Kadri is developing well, maintaining point-per-game numbers with the Marlies despite being labeled as a major draft bust by critics just over a month ago.

I think that is it and I for one am a little less upset about the current situation. I also hear self deception is a great way to pick ones spirits out of the dumps.

So bring on Saturday, and let’s go toe to toe with… Vancouver? DAMNIT!

Just what we need, a goalie in need of a moral boost or what looks like a future all star off to a strong NHL rookie campaign.

Oh hockey gods, hallowed be thy sport. By first period come, May we do in game as it is in practice. Give us this day our daily goal and forgive our turnovers, as we forgive those who turn over against us. Lead us not into frustration and deliver us from losing.



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