Bad Richards!

Here we go once more, Toronto rumoured to be interested in Brad Richards. I’m fairly certain they are not (however I base this on nothing).

Why doesn’t it make sense? I thought you’d never ask…if you didn’t then feel free to go watch this.

Well, there is the pay cheque that comes with him, enough in one season to make him…. What’s even better than comfortable? Enough that he can afford to purchase a cloud catcher to replace all couch cushions with super soft “sky down” for maximum sitability. Enough so that in order to fit him someone with big money will have to go back the other way.

Then there is the price tag; Likely a top 4 d-man (Anyone want Komisarek?) and young player/prospect. After all, this is a point per game player with 90-100 a possibility. So who would the young player be? Bozak? Brad Ross? Gregg Mckegg? John Mitchell? (please, please, please get rid of him) Or almost any member of the top 6 of the team.

Who would take the fall? I don’t think Burke is quite ready to give up on Bozak just yet and Grabovski is lighting it up right now, minus the odd gaff. With the top 6 bottom 6 design Burke favours I couldn’t see any of the current staff taking over there long term.

Finally is the contract term, with only one year left and no guarantee he will resign you run the risk of doing what every Toronto GM has done: give away young talent for a one shot deal.

Oh yeah, Richards is pure offense, but isn’t aware of the other end of the rink. I once heard him mumble to himself about a place called “defenceland” while looking very confused next to a dressing room chalk board.

The only way this deal would satisfy me would be if an extension could be worked out in advance of the trade and the kids all stay put.

Now, if you want Mike Ribeiro, that’s a whole new ballgame.


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