Leads? The way we play we don’t need leads!

What do the Leafs have in common with the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

In the end, they are both going to collapse.

It is sad really, but right when Luke Schenn iced the puck I had that feeling. You know the one I mean, something in the back of your head, suddenly all the work of The Monster had done and all the shots that Mike Brown blocked seemed distant.

Sure enough, the Leafs lose an important draw and the game is tied.

That is why you don’t ice the puck when you are in trouble in the final seconds. You are better off going tight to the boards, dropping on the puck or bury it in the corner. Icing only serves to make the situation worse.

There were some good things however, despite letting in a very stoppable OT goal, Monster player terrific and should have gotten a win. Versteeg is still trending upwards as Wilson’s faith in him is paying off with 12 points in 13 games this month. Kulemin is another good story out of this game, another hard fought and well deserved multi goal game. He is the hardest worker in the top 6 and if Kessel and Bozak decide to mimic his drive this team may have a chance.

But in the end it is another blown lead and 1 points that should have been 2. Not a good sign for the rest of the season.



2 Responses to Leads? The way we play we don’t need leads!

  1. Patricia Eales says:

    Great blog! I found you through your comment on Vinay’s blog.

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