Penguin Season

Tonight could be a statement game.

One that says “Up yours Crosby!” or better yet it could simply tell you whether or not the Leaf kids are able to stand up and ride the wave created by their past two wins.

Basically any statement other than “Please Crosby, no more, we’re begging you!” would be acceptable.

If the Leafs come out flying and take the play to the Penguins and maintain a hard, physical game, like they did in Boston, they could pull this one out. Should they come out flat again, and anticipate a 3rd straight comeback, it could be a reality check.

Tonight’s positives:

–         2 games is still a winning streak

–         Winning record in recent history vs. Pens

–         No Thomas in net

–         Fleury in net, again, not Thomas

–         Even if they get blown out, you can always laugh at Pierre McGuire as he impersonates an NHL colour man

–         Crosby is due to stop scoring at some point… right?

Tonight’s concerns:

–         Crosby

–         Sid the Kid

–         Possible beat down by a pack of flightless birds

–         Komisarek (which team will he play setup man for tonight?)

The *odds may be against them (*note Odds=Crosby) but this team is high on confidence right now and with any luck tonight’s gameplan will be laid out in English, as well as Russian so someone other than Grabbo and Kulemin will understand. It may even be beneficial to dumb it right down to the basics:

“Crosby no score! You check him”

“Puck goes in net.” In the worst case scenario can be followed by “No, other net.”

“Orr SMASH!”

“Bozak…where the hell is Bozak?”

The last one works best when laced heavily with sarcasm by Wilson himself while staring the sophomore in the eyes. Also acceptable to substitute Bozak for Kessel.

Three wins over possible Cup contenders would be huge for this team that has struggled to show consistency all season long. All they really need to do is beat the Odds, and beat him them hard.


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