Positively Negative

I was working hard on a positive post, something overly gracious and full of happiness, rainbows and flowers. It would have been something of a transcribed sundae, hard work as the maple ice cream, scoring the whipped cream with a few big saves sprinkled all over. Finally, the return of Captain Phaneuf as the cherry on top.

Instead we got choice between a bowl of melted rocky road or sugarless vanilla, depending on when you tuned in. And it wasn’t even a waffle bowl.

Now, I wasn’t expecting a win tonight; on the wrong end of a back-to-back against two top teams in the league after a short road trip is asking a lot for what should be an 8-10th ranked Leafs squad.

That being said there is something to be said for fighting to the bitter end and occasionally rewards for it. (See vs. Boston and Washington) The catch is that in order to fight to the “bitter end” requires you to start fighting at some point.

The most disturbing part was how fragile these Leafs are. One bad goal. One.

That was all it took to take any fight out of them. Their reaction was actually visible, every player dropped their head or shoulders as all heart came pouring over the edge or the bowl.

That wasn’t supposed to happen; Phaneuf was the one to prevent this… Wait, did he play last night? At times I thought he joined Kessel on one of his random midgame visits to Lord Stanley’s Mug.

Okay… happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

Hey, how about this: Sure we don’t have a sundae, but we do have a fresh bowl of ice cream soup! Now all we need is a habs fan to pour it on.



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