Seven + won

What a week (+1 day), this one could have easily been 0-5-0 and the door could have closed on this season. But look what happened, the Leafs faced five of the top seven teams in the league and came up with a solid three wins.

Sure, that isn’t many in the long run and to seriously compete this sort of week should be routine, but right now that doesn’t matter.

Forget a rather uninspired performance against the Flyers and you have a solid body of work. Two large comeback wins, one versus the leagues top goalie and another versus the leagues offensive juggernaut. Two wins against divisional opponents, that’ll teach Montreal to insult us by playing their backup.

This is a very good run to take to the road, spirits should be high, especially after a home win against the Habs, and a desire for revenge should keep the team rolling through the next two games. There is no way they will let the Oilers steam roll them again and without Komisarek in the line up the Leafs may have a chance.

*knock on wood*

Follow this up with Dion’s return to the Saddledome (and Sjostrom) and maybe some flashes of the old (younger) Phaneuf will be seen.

This week one win should satisfy, even though two would be great. To say this team is bad on the road is like saying Daniel Alfredsson is having a career worst season; it’s damn obvious to everyone.

Another solid week would make 3 okay-good weeks in a row, and certainly the run needed at this point. With the gap between playoff and non-playoff teams as large as it is right now, Toronto needs to fight for every point and can’t afford to lose against teams near the bottom of the league.

And waffles? Really?


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