Burn the Oil

A win tonight will be sweet revenge; a response to an unwatchable performance hosted by what should be a bad, young Oilers team. The time lost during the other event will never be regained, a solid chunk of a day gone forever. (Until the first time machines hit the market and then why would you go back to that? You would be much better off back in the early 60’s)

As time passes it continues to not only get discussed on TSN but receives regular air time as well, this only adds to the frustration and raises one prominent question: Why the hell is there a documentary about this year’s Edmonton Oilers?

It makes no sense, almost like there was a roulette wheel with 29 teams (let’s face it, no way the Leafs were going to be the team) and Edmonton “won.”

For those unfamiliar with show, here are the basics: Edmonton sucks, TSN follows the Oilers around and you get an in depth look at the team with an overdramatic voiceover, overdramatic soundtrack while going almost game-by-game. Mainstays are coach Tom Renney talking to the team and clichéd reactionary shots of the players. (not the mention poor, shaky “behind the scenes” and ice level camera work.) I tell ya, there is nothing more exciting then listening to an associate coach talk defensive positioning with his players. Riveting.

Now, I am not opposed to the idea of following a team around, but why this team? There are not good, they will mostly experience lows for the season. So many teams would have made more sense. Say, Los Angeles; a rebuilding team on the cusp of becoming great or tanking hard, a far more interesting dynamic.

If it needs to stay Canadian then the Flames would be a good pick; just dumped their former golden boy in Toronto, team lead by possibly the most famous hockey family struggling to hold onto what they have. Even the Canadiens would have been better; French coach back behind the bench, new team leaders, hotshot rookie and a possible franchise goalie in a make or break year.

I could even take the Oilers if it was at least interesting instead of the over the top dramatic voice/music mixed with boring content.

So Toronto, get some revenge on the damn Oilers for wasting 2 hours of my time and try not to think of the last time you played, nothing good could come of that.



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