4 on NO!

It takes a special kind of team to manage 0 shots on a 4-on-1. Even more special by managing not get a scoring chance out of it.

What the hell was Colby Armstrong thinking? Was there some sudden onset of schizophrenia in which he believed he was some top end Ovechkin clone? Or could it have simply been a terrible set play these Leafs attempt every time they get an oddman rush?

I am inclined to believe the latter (however with the way Ovi is playing this year, it could be either) since I can’t remember the last time the leafs has a 2-on-1 where they attempted a pass, much less completed one.

The team mantra in this situation goes as follows:

1 – Skate fast in straight line till blue line.

2 – After blue line go faster, but angle towards net.

3 – Ensure your drive takes you within stick length of defender

4 – Move in line with defender so no pass is possible

5 – Take bad angle shot for top corner to ensure no rebound

6 – Skate past net

It could tolerate missed passes, broken plays and turnovers in theses scenarios is there was some attempt made to create an opportunity. Sadly this never happens, no attempt is made and everyone wants to be the hero. This could be one of two things, bad coaching or bad decisions. Either way something needs to change.

My suggestion would be pretending the puck is a Leafs first round pick and your linemate is another team on draft day. The puck will be flying around the ice so fast there may actually be a scoring opportunity.



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