It could be worse


That is what the Leafs need over the second half to have a chance at post season action this season.

I’ll just let that sink in for a second.




Okay, hopefully by now, like me you are no longer sobbing into your hands over another (most likely) lost season. *sniff*

So why keep watching, there aren’t even cheerleaders to pick up your spirits and attract the…eye. Damn those lucky Edmonton devils… or Oilers I guess.

So we must look elsewhere.

How about Ottawa? Every Leaf fan has to love what’s going on there (or here if you live in their city).

As we speak the rumour mill is churning, mainly about coach Cory Clouston’s future looking as grim as his expression every time Kovalev ends a shift.

Chris Phillips is not in contract talks with the team, likely because he plans to reunite with Anton Volchenkov in order to appear…competent. Or he could be waiting until his value rises slightly above the Islanders average attendance.

Daniel Alfredsson is the team’s leading scorer with 13 goals and 26 points. That would slot him firmly in 7th if he played for the Leafs, perfect for third line duty.

Iron man Pascal Leclaire has set the bar high, officially sitting out 160 games in his career, while playing 173. This puts him on a direct course to one day overtake Rick DiPietro for the active goalie games missed due to injury. Right now Leclaire sits one game behind and both goalies are currently sitting out with more ailments. If Leclaire isn’t careful he may end up blowing his chance with a stretch of good health.

And last, but certainly not least is the “greatest” GM in the league, Bryan Murray. Talk about an amazing wordsmith, able to convince superstars like Kovalev and Gonchar into moving to Ottawa’s retirement communities. And then to allow them to spend their days taking leisurely skates around the rink, consequences be damned.

All in all, things for the Leafs could be worse. Right now there are five Leafs 26 or younger poised to hit 20 goals. Now that is a great foundation. Combine this with the tremendous play by James Reimer and Jussi Rynas and there is good reason to like this team. Maybe this isn’t their year, but at least they aren’t the Senators.


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