International Notoriety

All right, we finally get Fabian Brunnstrom; all we need now is the Norwegian Hobbit to complete a European free agent monopoly.

But that is the power of Leafs nation isn’t it? Monster, Jussi “The Bus” Rynnas, Marcel Mueller and now Brunnstrom have all arrived during Brian Burke’s short tenure in the front office.

Leafdom is a widespread culture, bordering on religion for those of us who still worship at the altars of Gilmour, Sittler and Mahovlich. It is true that the religion argument could be made for the Montreal Canadiens, but that does not extend beyond Canada, as indicated in their name.

The Leafs are the team with international love, a beacon to the dark corners of the hockey universe, drawing talent wherever it is seen. Providing the price is right. This can be placed directly at the feet of Burke. Before him there were rumours of a far reaching Leaf Nation, but he has treaded the world to seek out the true extent of these boarders. He journeyed to the borders of Russia and returned with Swede’s, German’s and some premo European hair product that to this day keeps his mop in fine shape.

This is something to be pleased with, regardless the struggles on the one ice product. Toronto has arguably reached the international community more than any other North American team and I say ride the wave. Stay with the team during the rough patches and when the wins come rolling in they will taste that much sweeter.



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