Reim Time

Now it has happened, the hell that is Senators Territory has frozen over and the Leafs are carrying three goalies.

This move tells you a few things, first that the team is no longer 100% comfortable with Monster and second that they are trying to take the pressure off of him in hopes that he will find his form.

Monster, well let’s go with Goose for now since his play has as of late downgrades the cool factor of his nickname, has been bad lately. When he takes the net he looks like a Leaf fan: depressed, angry and desperately craving a win. But like us he comes up disappointed, and slightly drunk, at games end.

It was hard to watch the other night in New York, Goose that is not the game. Okay, the game was painfully hard to watch, but that’s not what I am talking about right now so back off. When he got yanked and took his seat on the bench you could see a startling difference from the confident soon-to-be stud from a year ago. Head down, helmet on, I think he also had some flashbacks to his brief stint in the net as he attempted one or two kick saves against the boards.

This was the sight of a mentally broken young man and that’s exactly why he is struggling. He feels pressure to perform and Viagra won’t fix his present dysfunction.

But now he gets to cool his heels, watch some tape and spend some time working on his game as Reimer now travel’s with the team. This will do one of two things, give Reimer the serious shot he earned earlier this month or inspire a suddenly 3rd string Goose back into the form and poise shown at the end of last season. Either one is good so long as it means success.

This could backfire though, see: Elliot/Lehner/Brodeur. But in my worst nightmares I don’t see Toronto getting puck stopping as horrendous as that.


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