No Goal! Tending

So once again bad goaltending kills the Leafs. Same story told every season since the lockout.
I like Giguere a true character guy, but the fourth goal last night should be a routine save. It broke the back of a team that fought it’s way back into a game.
You could argue that with the sluggish play from the Leafs for stretches of the game and stupid, stupid penalties didn’t help and you would be right. However, that save and the game isn’t over. Make that save and your players don’t press as hard and end up in the box in the final 3 minutes.
It does not matter how horrendous the team plays, unless every goal is a masterpiece so beautiful that watching replays requires velvet ropes, armed guards and a trip to the Louvre then 5 should not get past.
Hate to beat on this drum, but it’s either that or the wall and my forehead already hurts,: Reimer made those saves.
“The team played better for him,” some may say, but that isn’t true, look at his games. He made multiple highlight reel saves in every game. He made them with them early, he made them to keep the team close and made them when the game was on the line.
So how about for the time being we let Giguere and Goose go off with Francois Allaire and break out the beach gear (begin by stopping beach balls, then gradually moving smaller, volleyballs, Frisbee’s, etc.) and run Reimer for the short term again. He may not succeed and the team may be in the exact same position, but he is the only one to earn consecutive starts in a long time.
It’s no lie that Giguere has played some solid games but outside of the Anaheim… let’s go with shellacking, he hasn’t stolen a game in months. Without a steal here of there a sub .900 save percentage isn’t acceptable. Good goalies are good no matter what team plays in front of them.
24th place Buffalo: Ryan Miller .912%
25th place Florida: Tomas Vokoun .923%
29th place Edmonton: Devan Dubnyk .918%
Before being traded even Dwayne Roloson managed to post a .916% on the woeful yet highly amusing 28th place Islanders. (Now that’s a team in need of some change)
With the exception of Florida, the total goals against for these teams is in the general vicinity of the Leafs at 151, meaning the goalies are facing and equal amount of shots or more.
Now that I have effectively crushed my own spirits for the day I think I will stop here or be driven to “crush” spirits of a different sort.


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