Last is the new first

Hate to say I called it, but I did.

No, wait, I love to say that, so here it is: I CALLED IT!

What exactly? Oh nothing, just the little bit of the salt in the proverbial wound with the final selection of the night being Phil “The Thrill” Kessel.

Just seems to suit the Leafs and the beleaguered forward, only present to be the token Leaf at the festivities, right in last place. Sad though it may be.

But all is not lost, who knows, Kessel could go down in history as the final pick that went on to rule to All Star Game.

What if this minor humiliation is what finally lights a permanent fire under his ass?

What if a new need to earn the respect of his peers and redeem himself brings out the best in Kessel?

What if the ghost of Tim Horton visits each Leaf player promising free coffee for life if they make the playoffs?

Anything can happen.



2 Responses to Last is the new first

  1. Sam says:

    The culture of winning is lost in that locker room. how about a new draft for the NHL, not just the all star game. It’s our only hope

  2. Sadly I agree whole heartedly, I’m no longer looking forward to the traditional “next year” discussion that should start soon.

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