Just when it’s over…

Why do they have to do this?

Why can’t they decide which team they want to be: the really good, tight checking confident team or the dreadful, slow moving timid one?

Just when you start to say your goodbye words to this season’s long shot playoff dreams the stars align and not only do the Leafs pull off a complete game victory, they do it against a team they are chasing. Then to cap it off, the team holding the final playoff spot loses… again.

Bring on the dreams! Sure there are those who may say we are crazy, delusional or even masochistic but those are among the foundations of Leafs Nation.

While there were many good things in this game – Reimer’s strong play, terrific shut down defensive play, Tim Brent’s ritual self sacrifice – the part that I liked the most was the coaching.

For once Ron Wilson seemed determined to… coach… and damned if it didn’t work. If you saw the game and were unaware of this I would suggest watching the next game without touching the mute button as Pierre ‘the creepy commentator’ McGuire wouldn’t shut up about it.

This is one of the few times when I will say he was right as Wilson should he could host The Dating Game, looking like an all star matchmaker. He suffocated the top line of Paul Maurice’s winded ‘canes, exploited their checking lines and shuffled key players around like a….hell, coach.

This is the style the Leafs need to play consistently to be successful. There needs to be this type of line matching every game simply because this team is not strong enough to play a run and gun style. Sure there is always some matching every game, but last night Wilson seemed determined to earn the win. This one is as much his win as it was the teams.


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