Puzzling to say the least

Can’t claim to know exactly what happened. I’m having trouble just wrapping my head around it. Kris Versteeg shipped out of town to Philly for 2 picks. (1st round & 3rd round).

Okay… Isn’t this the exact move Ol’Burkey said would never happen? He said he wouldn’t trade for pick. You know, ship off players, but get better now and for the future at the same move?

Not only is there no roster player, fringe or otherwise, coming back to the Leafs, but a 25th-30th overall pick is statically unlikely to make the NHL, much less make it big. True, there are the exceptions and this could be the one, fingers crossed. (That’s fingers, not Finger’s)

So what was the reason for making this trade so early? Was there not one team out there, maybe a bit lower in the standings willing to offer up a prospect or equivalent picks? Was Versteeg so unhappy that he had to be shipped out that day?

Or, *Drink*, is this the start of another move…

With any luck this will turn out to be the best moves in team history… Or will join Tom Kurvers and Andrew Raycroft in the annals of Leafs lore.

Then right on the heels of this Voros, another Duck I might add, is brought in for a late rounder and is immediately assigned to the Marlies. In other words, we traded an NHL commodity for an AHL one. Not exactly the kind of decision making I would expect from anyone outside Long Island.

For now, let’s just hope it will make sense later, because it sure doesn’t right now.


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