Deadline Day

How to sum up the first few hours of the NHL trade deadline day…


The biggest news of the day is Ty Conklin clearing waivers and Curits Mcelhinney going right from the waiver wire directly to hell. Yes, those are bigger moves then Wideman and Dvorak leading the Panther exodus.


As the deadline approaches Olli Jokinen waits nervously by phone for inevitable call from Daryl Sutter.


Finally some news, Penner sets the price much higher then it should be for the second time, goes to LA. And the Leafs hack off some dead weight, mitchel to Rangers. Interesting note, Mitchel is worth just as much as Kovalev.


Higgins returns to Canada to disappoint yet another northern demonym. Senator ‘fans’ better hope he never takes a crack at politics.

Lapeirre joins his fellow ex-Hab in Vancouver. Hockey fans give a collective “wha?”


One Response to Deadline Day

  1. MaxTheLimit says:

    Mitchel could be valued even higher than Kovalev in some situations. While he isn’t as skilled, he isn’t so poisonous to the dressing room. Begone you $5.5M floating arse!

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