It’s only one

Inhale slowly, calm yourself. Slowly let the breath out and let the disappointment and anger of last night leave with it.

Feeling better now? Me neither.

To say that was painful is like saying Glen Sather has made a few mistakes in the last few years, massive understatement.

The first period set the tone of this most painful of evenings. Right from the start the Blackhawks circled the sluggish Leaf wagons, and instead of fighting back the Leafs decided to offer up James Reimer and retreat.

However there is a positive that can come from this, one loss has not ended the post season dreams of this team. There was no way they would go the final stretch of the season undefeated. After all, it’s not Jacques Lemair behind the bench.

The Leafs are only 4 points out, and still have time to make up the deficit and with a tough month ahead of them we should get a clear picture of whether or not they should make the dance.

If they play and win games against Buffalo, Philly, Tampa, Boston, Detroit and Carolina, then this is a team capable of making a serious playoff run. If they can’t beat these teams then what is the point? Like Burke said, there is no benefit of making it to the post season if you get run out in 4 games.

Rest up, load the liquor cabinet and just keep beleafing.



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