Life Lessons

As this whirlwind, bipolar season slowly draws toward the end now seems like a good time to look back on what this season has taught over the last few months. This is one with small trades, strange controversy and even stranger streaks. Between debating suspension lengths and what exactly constitutes a penalty there were actual hockey games, many of which were entertaining… Not if you are a Senators fan of course.

Lessons learned from the 2010-11 season:

  1. Coaching the New Jersey Devils can be hazardous to your career. Unless of course you are Jacques Lemaire.
  2. At midseason, no matter what, you are never completely out of it. See: NJD
  3. At midseason you may not be as good as your record indicates. See: OTT
  4. Playing for the New York Rangers is a surefire way to stall your career.
  5. Leaf fans can start singing about the playoffs only four games in.
  6. Leaf fans can start dreaming of “Next Year” as early as November.
  7. Rick DiPietro is made of the finest porcelain, $67.5 million worth.
  8. Pascal Leclaire is made of slightly more affordable porcelain.
  9. Twitter is an effective way of spreading false trade reports that make it on about every major Trade Deadline Day broadcast and get reported as fact only to be quickly retracted.
  10. Auctioning off your championship lineup can hazardous to your playoff hopes.
  11. Acquiring players auctioned off from championship lineups can be hazardous to your playoff hopes.
  12. Angering Zdeno Chara can be hazardous to your playoff dreams. Also your head, neck, face, children and ancestors.
  13. The Pittsburgh Penguins are more then just Malkin and Crosby. Not much more, but more nonetheless.
  14. The Montreal Canadiens are just Carey Price.
  15. Peter Forsberg needs to stop making decisions based on advice from magic eight balls; or were those highballs?
  16. Brian Burke will go out of his way to make the most confusing player trade histories in the league. See: Lupul.
  17. The deal between Boston and Toronto for Andrew Raycroft ended up even; after all neither him nor Tuukka Rask are currently starters.
  18. Sadly Timmy Brent is no Tomas Kaberle on the powerplay.
  19. Thankfully Timmy Brent is no Brett Lebda on the powerplay.
  20. Ron Wilson ages 1 year with every media scrum.
  21. No matter how bleak a season looks it always seems better after hearing Bryan Murray talk about Jashun Spesha.
  22. No one cares about Phoenix, Long Island, Atlanta or Columbus. (Except for Rick Nash for some reason)
  23. Despite recent evidence to the contrary free agents that sign in Toronto can have success.
  24. Nashville has shown the world you can compete for a playoff spot without a single 20 goal scorer.
  25. The media cares more about the opinions of player fathers then those of the players themselves.

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