Where Those Wild Things Are

If this Leafs team is serious about making the playoffs tonight could be the night which determines whether or not they are still in the race. A loss tonight combined with wins from Carolina and Buffalo could very well put the playoffs out of reach.

Right now though, the Leafs can’t think about that. They have to focus on the Wild, they have to hate the Wild, they have to smell blood in the water go in for the kill. If not they could very well reenact Into The Wild. After all, this is a Minnesota team that just got trounced by a somewhat low scoring Montreal team (which sat near Toronto in goals for before that 8 goal outburst) so this could be a Wild bunch looking for redemption.

Key thing to remember: all it takes to remove the best player from the Wild lineup is a broken finger. So a crash and bang game could easily shy some of these guys off. If not, it would still be entertaining.

With any luck we can all wake up tomorrow content that the Leafs are still in the playoff hunt. If not, well, we can for once look to next year with optimism unlike any Leafs Nation has since the lockout. This is a young, talented group who seems to be finding chemistry and gaining confidence is their own abilities.

You just have to beleaf.


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