Thoughts before game 7

What a whirlwind few weeks for the NHL. Teams moving, game 7 in the Stanley cup Finals, coaches hired, players given their advanced notice of impending pink slips. Luckily there are two constants:
Vancouver never stops bitching and the islanders will be terrible.

In Winnipeg, True North Sports and Entertainment has set out to prove that Atlanta isn’t the only city that can bankrupt multiple franchises.

On the ice in Vancouver mistaking Bergeron for a Butterfinger is not considered a suspendable act. Still have to wait and see the consequences of confusing Chara with a Big Turk.

Gary Bettman is that mysterious rain cloud following all parades.

Don Waddell says he will not relocate to Winnipeg. Manitoba hockey fans rejoice.

Colin Campbell steps down as head disciplinarian, forced to turn in his dice, roulette wheel, dart board as well as the hundreds of sacrificial chickens used to determine supplementary discipline.

The NHL, like many Canadians, quickly regrets selecting Labatts over Molson.

May 27th, a day that will live in infamy, passes. While speaking of the mater once again Kerry Fraser looks away just as Gretzky creeps into the room…

Mason Raymond learns that presenting to the boards can take you out for several months.

The fashion choices of James Reimer are much more appealing then those of former leaf youngster Jiri Tlusty.

Pre-game whining sounds from Roberto Luongo are actually him blowing hot air through a sieve.

Bryan Murray hires yet another inexperienced coach in another attempt to land a So You Think You Can Coach reality show.

In an attempt to foster sportsmanship and camaraderie Coyotes hire assistant coach Jim Playfair.


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