Feeding frenzy

The frenzy has started and the hockey world sit in front of TSN, tossing in a few Twitter posts to pass the time.

Only 50 minutes into coverage and Brad Richards has received more airtime then Afganistan has over the past year. According toTSNit seems almost 40 teams are interested in him, some of which may have just been made up on the spot.

*Sadly nothing completely outrageous has happened yet, Unless you are like me in wondering why Garon continues to get contracts.

*More time  spent watching LA brass being locked out of Brad Richard’s bunker then on the Senators FA possibilities.

*Nothing more exciting then watching backup goalie after backup goalie switching teams! Seems the 4th line madness will follow soon. Crazy shit!

*Ben is the only player in the last 5 years to be Eager to join the Oilers.

*Hard to take your eyes off of Pierre McGuire. If you do there is a good chance this will happen.

*Paul Holmgren continues with the head scratchers.  Trade young, sign old.  Suggest you never ask him for investment advice.

*Worst part of the Free Agency so far? Beer forgotten in freezer. Best part of the Free Agency so far? Discovering the refreshing qualities of a Beer Slushie.

*It seems Florida is working had to destroy the careers of every player they can. Campbell, Upshall and now targeting Jovocup

*NO!! Damn you Carolina. Timmy Brent…Why? Why? Why?

*Very interesting to watch Holmgren work his ass off to slowly destroy a cup contender.


*Very interesting, no mention of Brad Richards for a good 10 minutes now.

*TSN having serious problems with their phones. Wonder if they are using Rogers?

Does Richards get signed today? Let me know what you think.

*Toronto Star go to hockey columnist (and Bob McCown lackey) Damian Cox spends day watching and tweeting tennis.

*So you give up a potential top 5 draft pick to get a goalie who wont resign in Washington and is leaning heavy towards the KHL? Good Work Ave’s

*Duthie and Andrew Brunette still think the Blackhawks have a show at a cup. I didn’t think this was Just for Laughs.

*Now Goc signs becomes a Panther. Poor guy.

*Leaf Brass spend an hour with Richards, lose out on Talbot in the process.

*Has to blow to be a goaltending prospect right now with teams opting for failed starters instead.

*Nashville, deciding that goal scoring is detrimental to them achieving middling team status allow Steve Sullivan to walk.


*Montreal tries to alleviate the pressure on Scott Gomez by signing Cole to compete for  most disappointing season.

*Drunk of the euphoria of a somewhat busy deadline day the TSN crew seems to have descended into chaos with all on air talent speaking, yelling and laughing all at once. Say… some of them were in Vancouver, I would be worried if I parked anywhere near there.


Well this is about it for me for the day. time to go enjoy some Canada Day festivities around the hill.


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