Osgood or no good

Fashion be damned!

At some point in his career these words surely crossed the lips of Chris Osgood. Bucking the trend, sticking his nose up at society possibly in silent protest towards Tim Gunn.

But now it is official a former cornerstone of hockey has officially entered into history books.

First it was Clint Benedict on a soon to be bankrupt Ottawa Senators franchise (Seems to be a trend) then it was Jacques Plante who would pioneer the early versions of the goalie mask. But there were those brave individuals like Osgood, Dominik Hasek and Dan Cloutier who wanted to stand out from the crowd.

Sure, Osgood and Cloutier didn’t go to the same extreme as Hasek by having their play rival the best in the league, but that wasn’t their style. Neither was consistency, saves or inspiring confidence for that metter.

Osgood didn’t need all that; instead he had a talented team to get all the winning done for him. All he worried about were appearances and my-oh-my, everyone knew who he was at first glance.

It wasn’t always easy for Osgood, the other goalies would tease him endlessly simply because he looked different. Things would only get worse when he put on his helmet: Friends would ignore him. His own teammates would work tirelessly to keep the puck at the far end of the ice to avoid associating with him. When time came for celebration he was left at the far end of the ice, permitted to join in only when the game had ended.

This lead to some troubling times for the individualist as notes would come home to his parents about fights he had on the ice. After multiple groundings and the retirement of superbully Patrick Roy the troubles subsided and Osgood straightened out and kept to himself.

In the end only Osgood still donned “The Helmet” knowing that no matter how history regarded him his look would be timeless. That and so long as pictures still exist of the Oilers from the 1980’s he will never go down as the worst bucket in league history.


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