Ryan? Nash? Balderdash!

Is this really the time for the Leafs to look into making a big splash in the trade market?

Over the last few days there has been more speculation about the Leafs once again mortgaging the future then there are gate receipts at Nassau Coliseum. Of course that is only about 4-5 rumors total but that is still a good number of rumors.

First up were the obligatory Bobby Ryan rumors and the outrageous offers that come along with it. It seems whenever this guy is mentioned in a headline the Leafs are supposedly interested. Last I hear the offer included the entire Toronto Marlies franchise. (Though that offer was derailed when MLSE tried to include Toronto FC in the deal) The thought that the Burke would be willing to sell the future on a struggling top flight winger who has a history of holding out for big contracts is… actually not that outlandish… Okay, the chances of him doing it twice in three years is (hopefully) unlikely.

These were quickly followed by a somewhat quieter set of suggestions revolving around Rick Nash. These are more ridiculous then Gomez’s contract. The face of a franchise that is desperate to fill seats, who is, more and more, seeming like a 60-70 point player at best with a monster contract, not really a player destined to be traded. The thought of packages including Scrivens, Kadri and any number of the current top 6 on the Leafs roster for a $7.8mil deal going beyond 2015-16 is scary. Forgetting the crazy offers thrown out that is not a Burke style contract. He has repeatedly stated he would not pick up 7+ year contracts and +$7mil cap hits. So let’s just let this one die here and now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the trade speculation and it is fun to look through the league and try to figure out who could move where. There was a time when those moves could actually happen and I wish those days would return. But for right now, let’s keep them more realistic, stop reporting ridiculous rumors as news and enjoy the solid hockey these Boys in Blue are playing right now. (Outside of the Northeast that is)


2 Responses to Ryan? Nash? Balderdash!

  1. MaxTheLimit says:

    The only player your leafs need now is one who can come into the dressing room and tell them how to beat the Boston Bruins. The problem is that this season that player doesn’t seem to exist. Might make that trade a bit hard to pull off for the leafs.

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