It’s Alive!

An open letter to Jonas  “The Monster” Gustavsson:

Damn you Jonas Gustavsson, do you have any idea what you have done? Any clue at all?

I’ll just say it, a little over 2 months ago some careless and borderline egotistical writer wrote you off as a goalie a few saves short of being “NHL Quality.” Now here you go posting outlandish numbers, multiple shutouts and wins.

Now this poor guy has to slink back to his post and subtly edit a “yet” into the first paragraph just to avoid looking foolish. So thank you very much for playing oh so well these last few months and keeping this team in the playoff hunt at the expense of this excellent writer.

The worst part is that you haven’t quite sold anyone on the idea that you are a solid #1 option. Sure, you are the best right now, but you still are prone to the weak goal and that is a major concern. So do everyone a favour: be either really good or really bad and let those lowly writers make snap judgments that remain correct forever.

On a related note:

While I am sure it was reading said post that gave you the motivation for rising to the occasion, you have yet to attribute anything to this brilliant up and comer. A simple mention: “So and So from the 5thlinecentre really motivated me. I owe my current success and substantial amount of my paycheques to this man.” Or if that is too forward for you feel free to deposit the money directly into his account, I am sure he would give you the information required.

Such a small gesture on your part would likely go a long way toward improving your playoff chances, just a thought.


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