Never tell me the odds

This Is the most exciting time of year, trade rumors fill the forums and the New York Islanders get eliminated from playoff contention. Oh tradition.

But there is only one thing that really matters to the NHL: How many Canadian teams will make the playoffs? After all, these are the only franchise’s that contribute significantly to keeping the Phoenix Coyotes afloat. Let’s take a looks at their chances:


Toronto Maple Leafs

Will make it if:

–          Kessel and Lupul rediscover their early season scoring touch

–          Ron Wilson learns that the appropriate time to pull a struggling goalie before the 4th goal

Will miss if:

–          They continue to play without a goaltender

Ottawa Senators

Will make it if:

–          Spezza, Michalek and Alfredsson continue to exceed expectations

–          Anderson decides to stop allowing his cousin to fill in for him

Will miss if:

–          They continue rely on Spezza, Michalek and Alfresson exceeding expectations

–          Paul Maclean shaves

Edmonton Oilers

Will make it if:

–          The kids continue to behave and remember to send advanced letters to Santa

–          The bulk of the Western Conference throws the season in hopes that a first overall pick could go to an team that will make use of the prospect

Will miss if:

–          Let’s just face it, they will miss

Vancouver Canucks

Will make it if:

–          They keep playing in a division with the Oilers

–          The Sedins continue to confuse defenders by switching places

Will miss if:

–          Some industrious fan from a rival team places some of BC’s famous plant in the ‘Nucks bags before a lengthy southern road trip.

Winnipeg Jets

Will make it if:

–          Claude Noels pre game interviews continue to put visiting teams and fans to sleep

Will miss if:

–          Keep dressing players cut from some of the worst Leaf teams in franchise history.

–          Byfuglien keeps telling stories of what happened to the last team he won with.

Calgary Flames

Will make it if:

–          No one other than Kipprusof plays goal

–          The opposition keeps thinking Iggy is the only threat on the team

Will miss if:

–          A Sutter has any input on a trade


Montreal Canadiens:

Will make it if:

–          Hell Freezes over


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