Home Stretch

So Long!




There, I think that takes care of those four teams fighting for a playoff spot. It’s always polite to give a friendly word and a wave as someone you know passes. The Leafs are on a roll but the team bus is stuck in reverse, drifting past their opponents and out of the playoff picture.

Yes, the Leafs, most likely, will not make the dance once again and lucky #7 will surely be included along with all those annual parade jokes. Don’t confuse that with “can’t” after all until the math tells you differently there is hope. For right now forget about Lupul, Wilson, Kadri and the let downs mounting as this season ends. Just for the moment focus on one thing: there is a hope.

Leafs Nation needs to put themselves behind this team, all the complaints about the lineup and recalls are moot, this is the team, support it. Take a look at Winnipeg and you get a clear view of what a positive , electric building can do for a team. On the road the Jets are terrible, but at home they have the 4th best record in the East.

The only real difference is the atmosphere: Leafs games have a steady, disgruntled buzz, couple that with the empty platinum seats at the start of every period and you have a hostile environment at home. There are times when boo’s or the Bronx cheers rain down after a single goal, these players are clearly feeling the pressure and as fans it is our duty to be behind them 100% of the time they are on the ice.

Bitch about them online, at work or directly to the GM himself. But for the love of hockey, scream yourself hoarse when they take the ice and don’t stop till the season ends, hopefully that will be well into the spring.

And right now, all we have is hope.


One Response to Home Stretch

  1. MaxTheLimit says:

    Mark my words. Bringing in Carlyle is a mistake. When you strike offensive gold like the Lupul/Kessel matchup this season, you don’t bring in a coach who is openly disliked by half of that tandem ( and it would seem Kessel is not too thrilled either ). There are ways to shore up your own end without destroying your offensive capabilities. I suspect the leafs in this new defensive role will be worse off for the negative impact it has on their goal scoring.

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